One of Louloudis Electrical Applications’ goals is to provide specialized services to a wide range of applications, with continuous effort to modernize and adopt innovative technologies and ideas, covering all types of industrial electrical installations.

Maintenance Generators & Generating Sets

  • Generator maintenance
  • Installation of electrical switchgear and control panel for proper operation and protection of generator sets

Installation and maintenance of substations

  • Installation of medium and low voltage electrical equipment
  • Construction of MV substations, cable terminal boxes and cable plugs for medium voltage cables
  • Programming, checking and testing of operation for high, medium and low voltage equipment
  • Programming and proper operation check of MV Relays
  • Dielectric strength readings for MV cables & transformer resistors

Substation Grounding

  • Reactive and Real Power readings
  • Energy meter installations for energy saving

Maintenance services

Louloudis Electrical Applications is always backing its clients with consistent and timely support, providing maintenance services for all electrical equipment, ensuring their proper and efficient operation..


Louloudis Electrical Applications carrying on its commitment for high quality services, was certified to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for its Management System, by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.